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How important are business objectives?

How well do you define your business? It is common to see small businesses stray away from their main purpose and lose focus on key objectives that drive their team forward, ensuring they remain ahead of competition - we believe you can only achieve this by working together, ensuring that everyone within a team knows their role. As a business now in our fourth year of trading - we have experienced rapid growth, developed young talent into progressive career minded individuals and enhanced a y...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 31 Aug 2018

Having CV struggles?

Do you feel like your CV is just not noticed? Think about it - there are over 65 million people living in the UK yet only 4.1% of these people are unemployed in 2018. With a reduction in unemployment rates it might seem surprising as to why job seekers still find it so difficult to gain consistent responses on their job applications, but with over 2million people still looking for work the competition is still alive and thriving. For a recruiter, it is not uncommon to spend your days sifting ...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 22 Aug 2018

5 ways to improve employee morale

We’ve all heard the saying “Employees don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers”. This is particularly important for smaller businesses with a flat organisational structure, something many recruitment organisations like ours uphold. For employees, the relationship with their supervisor, manager or even director can set the tone for their level of commitment to the organisations success. Recent research has shown that some 70% of an employees motivation is influenced by his or her man...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 03 Aug 2018

Keep them coming!

Start People ended last week on a high after receiving another exciting awards nomination. We are delighted to have been shortlisted in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category - we may be small but we are certainly mighty! The British Small Business Awards event, now in its third year, is the leading celebration of the UK’s small business sector, recognising the nation’s best sole traders, micro businesses and small companies – as well as the services providers and advisers that support the...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 27 Jul 2018

New To The Industry

Growth is always at the forefront of any recruitment business and for Start People it's no different. The growth in our business means we invest in the next wave of new talent as we see our current recruiters develop into Business Managers and beyond. This succession planning benefits our business by providing our customers with the confidence we will ensure their recruitment plans are safe in the hands of Start People recruiters trained and managed by our best people. This week Start People ...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 19 Jul 2018

5 Questions to ask about your team

Following an extremely successful World Cup campaign, the England squad will surely be coming home. Yes, maybe a little earlier than expected and without the all important golden trophy, but we can’t deny the way the team have brought together a somewhat divided country over the past 4 weeks. Many of us feel this is down to manager Gareth Southgate, who took our team through the training, tournament and to the Semi-Finals on Wednesday evening. Just like football, a strong team are the foundat...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 16 Jul 2018

Struggling to find the best talent?

When stocks are getting low, there comes a point where we need to invest and top up our inventory to ensure we don’t starve. No, we aren’t talking about your fridge freezer – in this case we’re talking about talent. It’s no secret that UK unemployment levels are at an all time low (4.2% in the three months to April 2018) which is the lowest it has been in 42 years. The unemployment rate hasn’t been so low since 1975, where the number of people in work has risen by 146,000 above the forecasted...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 10 Jul 2018

Team work makes the dream work

a World Cup culture Just over a week into the World Cup 2018, we have already seen some fantastic football, a few controversial decisions and as always hoards of passionate fans from all across the globe. One of the most amazing things about the World Cup tournaments is the way we see countries around the world come together to support their home team regardless of age, sex, race or interests - everybody seems to get involved. As the most popular mass spectator sport in the world, it is to be...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 25 Jun 2018

We're going to Wembley!

Start People Ltd reach the finals of the SME Awards 2018 We certainly have ‘that’ Friday Feeling here at Start People. This week we received a formal invite to the SME National Business Awards, a prestigious awards ceremony made up of 17 categories available to any successful UK based SME. The pinnacle of the awards is the Grand Celebration (500 attendees), a black tie evening at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London on the 7th December – it’s safe to say this could be the highlight of our yea...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 22 Jun 2018

a Workplace venture

How Workplace by Facebook is helping organisations improve and enhance internal communication Workplace by Facebook is a collaborative platform that brings the widely renown and familiar Facebook interface to businesses offering tools and features that reflect its original form. News Feed, Chat, Groups, Polls, Events and Live Video are just some of the features available and today more than 40,000 organisations worldwide are using the platform (including ourselves). The initiative is a fantas...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 01 Jun 2018

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