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Dear Santa, I would like more staff


Hiring for Christmas is a challenge all of its own. Whilst this time can be the most exciting and 'most wonderful time of the year', as most of us get prepared for festive parties and get togethers - for businesses this can be the busiest time as we rush to meet productivity targets. Although, we are confident that a few tweaks to your recruitment strategy will help you to move forward with confidence to meet the Christmas demand head on.

This is why you need to start preparing early...

Depending on your industry, the mad Christmas rush will start at different times. For our Manufacturing and Engineering clients, this may have already begun. For others, the real spike will not be seen until early 2019 - but just how late can you leave it?

Already working with some major blue-chip organisations, Start People are flexible and adaptable to working with some of the most well established UK Engineering businesses who require some of the most desired and hard-to-find skill sets in the industry. Not only do we already have over 2,000 quality engineers on our database across the UK, but our highly trained Engineering team have all the tools available to headhunt the best candidates in the marketplace. 

Excellent recruiting sources are of key importance to finding exceptional talent to take your business to the next level. While a lot of engineering organisations are, on the whole, being proactive when it comes to trying to overcome recruitment difficulties and skills shortages it’s no secret that many businesses just do not have the time to seek out the specific skills they desperately require.

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By Nina Yeulett on 10 Dec 2018

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