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Do employees really leave bad managers?

In light of the recent (but maybe not so surprising) sacking of Manchester United’s manager Jose Mourinho, we thought it important to place the spotlight on Business Managers this week. We’ve all heard the saying ‘People leave bad managers, not companies’ but how true is this? In Mourinho’s unfortunate situation, as with many failing football managers, the title was removed from him by his organisation and many have been waiting for this moment. Under his management we have seen one of the Pr...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 19 Dec 2018

Dear Santa, I would like more staff

Hiring for Christmas is a challenge all of its own. Whilst this time can be the most exciting and 'most wonderful time of the year', as most of us get prepared for festive parties and get togethers - for businesses this can be the busiest time as we rush to meet productivity targets. Although, we are confident that a few tweaks to your recruitment strategy will help you to move forward with confidence to meet the Christmas demand head on. This is why you need to start preparing early... Depen...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 10 Dec 2018

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