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Think about the weighting feeling of having staff shortages in your organisation. Who does this affect? Not only does the skills gap mean increased workload on the rest of your team, but also delayed response times for your clients and customers as there is less of you to tackle incoming jobs. Now as we race towards the busy Christmas period, it can be a scary time of year for many businesses. Whether you're a smaller scale SME looking to secure a successful end to 2018, or a larger scale organisation looking to fill a large number of temporary vacancies, fast - we believe we have the tricks up our sleeve to provide you with a first class, less spooky recruitment solution.

As external factors constantly change, businesses need to be able to adapt and be flexible in their methods to ensure they do not fall behind. And as a lot of manufacturing organisations are, on the whole, being proactive when it comes to trying to overcome recruitment difficulties and skills shortages it’s no secret that many businesses just do not have the time to seek out the specific skills they desperately require.

Logistically, an external Recruitment Agency will ease the burden of hiring for manufacturing organisations that are under workload constraints. From administrative tasks to actually finding interested and qualified candidates, the help in these areas alone can be monumental..

Start People is a manufacturing recruitment specialist with quick and proven access to passive candidates, enabling us to identify and supply the expertise you need to bridge the skills gaps, surpass competition and take your business to the next level. We work with some of the major players within the Manufacturing, Engineering and FMCG sectors, always providing each firm with a sector specialist consultant who will provide a service refined and adapted to their individual needs. 

A partnership with Start People will mean we always move at your pace and for your benefit. We always take the time to understand our clients’ challenges, successes and opportunities. Our consultative approach means we can do the work of an entire in-house recruiting team, or offer solutions that fill in a few gaps. We know how to ramp up or down our work so our client is receiving just the right amount of support during busy or slower times. Outsourcing your recruitment process to Start People will mean you have a practiced team of experts who are exclusively focused on what it takes to turn recruiting into smooth sailing.

Start People are more than a Recruiting Service – are you ready to get started with us?

By Nina Yeulett on 30 Oct 2018

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