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How to: Recruit and Retain top Manufacturing talent


As the world’s eighth largest industrial nation, UK manufacturing is currently thriving. And if growth trends continue at the same rate as recent years, we’re set to break into the top five by 2021. As a direct result, employment within the manufacturing sector is booming. Accounting for more than 12% of the UK’s GDP, and directly hiring over 2.6 million people, jobs in manufacturing are diverse and offer various paths for progression.

With this in mind, recruiting top talent within the field is nothing short of a challenge. From filling quick temporary vacancies with qualified staff to hiring for senior permanent roles, it’s not unusual for manufacturing businesses to experience obstacles in attracting and recruiting top-tier talent. As a specialist Manufacturing recruiter we have a great understanding of the market and how to reach those hard-to-find skills you so desperately require to remain productive. We have pulled together some important strategies that can help you to attract and recruit the best talent – check out our top 5 tactics below:

Enhance and refine your employer brand 
CIPD defines employer branding as ‘…a set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform best in its culture’. A strong and apparent employer brand is important in helping your organisation stand out from your competitors when it comes to attracting the top talent within your industry. You need to ensure you always deliver a ‘personal touch’ when projecting your brand – put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. What is important to them? Then you can begin to refine your brand, aligning this with company culture and employee experience. To recruit and retain top talent, you need to create and nurture a culture of storytelling that will be visible outside your company.

Ever heard of employee referral programmes?
When recruiting from a small pool of talent in such a competitive market, it is important to broaden your search. Why not start by incentivising your best employees? Give them an opportunity to refer people to your company and give them something in return – monetary rewards, trips or time off is a good way to show your appreciation to those who succeed in bringing top class talent into your team. It is important to remember that some of your longest serving employees will bring some of the most sought after connections. Encouraging current employees to nominate potential candidates that have the skills and abilities to meet the needs of your open positions tend to generate some of the best hires – bearing in mind that most employees will not nominate someone that will reflect poorly on them.   

Never underestimate the power of social media
When you advertise purely using job boards, you could be limiting your reach leaving you unable to access those passive candidates who might be keen to hear about a new role. This sought-after pool of passive candidates (often a more loyal, skilled workforce) are probably quite content in their current position and tend not to hang out on job sites. Having said this, they would usually be open to change if the right opportunity came along. Alongside Social Media being completely free to use, the tool is a brilliant platform to showcase your company culture and project your values as an employer. It is the best way to find and connect with passive candidates. LinkedIn essentially is a directory of professionals organised by industry, company, job title and a number of other categories.

Build relationships with quality sources
For the manufacturing industry, building relationships with internships and universities can be crucial to capturing fresh, qualified talent. Maintain a healthy relationship with these local sources and providers to ensure you are first to gain access to quality individuals. By offering internships or graduate roles, your business can flourish from new employees with little hands on experience but impressive knowledge and then you’ll have the ability to use them as a ‘blank canvas’. These individuals have no previous experience of another employer therefore you can train them up exactly as your business wants them to operate. 

The best candidates are on the market for the shortest time – do you have time to catch them?
This is particularly important when recruiting for niche roles, such as Developers or Engineers, where there’s a national skills shortage and candidates are more likely to be snapped up quicker. How do you catch them if you don’t have the time? That’s where recruiters come in.
Hiring can be time-consuming and expensive – even if the process goes smoothly. There are so many stumbling blocks you could incur, that it can take weeks or months to find, speak to and recruit  for your vacancy – but will you be reaching the best talent?. This is what sets you aside from the rest.

At Start People, not only do we have a candidate database of circa 10,000, we invest in a multi-channel approach to head-hunting the best candidates for your vacancies. There is never a stone unturned or an area untouched. We have qualified recruitment specialists, some with direct manufacturing experience, ready to assist you in finding the best talent.
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By Nina Yeulett on 05 Oct 2018

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