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How important are specialist recruiters for the automotive industry?


Despite Brexit causing a little disruption to the industry since its announcement in 2016, it is no secret how much of a vital component the Automotive trade is to the UK economy. Employing some 186,000 people directly in manufacturing alone, the industry accounts for 12% of total UK exports and retains some of the world’s most skilled engineers. 

Generating around £80billion in revenue year on year, the automotive industry has always been one of the main key contributors to the success of our economy and with the introduction of Brexit brewing; there are few sectors under more threat than the automotive market in terms of identifying and supplying talent to fill skills gaps. As the sector continues to grow and transform, automotive businesses and manufacturers are seeing real challenges in developing a skilled workforce in order for the UK to continue to maintain its position as a global leader. 

According to the SMMT – The Future of UK automotive manufacturing in 2024 and beyond the UK automotive industry is forecasted to be producing two million vehicles per year by 2020, that’s half a million more compared to its current annual total. This statistic could mean a further 50,000 skilled specialists will be required across a range of disciplines from design engineers to supply chain and buyers. Although businesses in the industry may have a little breathing room between now and 2020, it is predicted that around 2,500 workers are required to fill immediate jobs which is surely the initial obstacle most companies are facing. A report produced recently highlights the critical and future skills gaps that are priority to the ongoing success of the industry ensuring businesses are able to meet deadlines and continue to produce technology to the quality they are known for. The results highlighted that the majority of roles of critical importance are for technically biased people, see the following: 

Due to significant advancements in technology and software over time, recruitment for some of the above roles has gradually become more challenging for automotive businesses where such developments have impacted job types, skills and resources required. So, do you need an automotive recruitment specialist to help take the weight off your shoulders?

As an automotive recruiter of choice, we have an intimate knowledge of the market and as a national provider; we have tremendous reach in finding candidates for must-have positions. It is due to our strong relations and refined understanding of the industry, that we know the demand for British built cars has been strong, reaching record expert levels. For your business to continue to achieve hard fought for results relies upon world class engineering and a skilled, committed workforce. 

If you want to find out more about how Start People can help you conquer the market – please get in touch to speak to an expert consultant

By Nina Yeulett on 05 Sep 2018

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