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How important are business objectives?

How well do you define your business? It is common to see small businesses stray away from their main purpose and lose focus on key objectives that drive their team forward, ensuring they remain ahead of competition - we believe you can only achieve this by working together, ensuring that everyone within a team knows their role. As a business now in our fourth year of trading - we have experienced rapid growth, developed young talent into progressive career minded individuals and enhanced a y...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 31 Aug 2018

Having CV struggles?

Do you feel like your CV is just not noticed? Think about it - there are over 65 million people living in the UK yet only 4.1% of these people are unemployed in 2018. With a reduction in unemployment rates it might seem surprising as to why job seekers still find it so difficult to gain consistent responses on their job applications, but with over 2million people still looking for work the competition is still alive and thriving. For a recruiter, it is not uncommon to spend your days sifting ...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 22 Aug 2018

5 ways to improve employee morale

We’ve all heard the saying “Employees don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers”. This is particularly important for smaller businesses with a flat organisational structure, something many recruitment organisations like ours uphold. For employees, the relationship with their supervisor, manager or even director can set the tone for their level of commitment to the organisations success. Recent research has shown that some 70% of an employees motivation is influenced by his or her man...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 03 Aug 2018

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