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Industrial Newcomer

To help us deliver our growth strategy we need a blend of experience and new ideas. Recruitment isn’t for everyone – some individuals naturally find their feet and cement their place yet others try their hand and realise it’s not quite the job for them. Whether we hire experienced talent or find the raw materials we can mould and develop, with the levels of competition in our industry it is important to bring in motivated individuals with a drive to succeed in order to to help push the team f...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 25 May 2018

Start People invest in apprentice scheme

Adding value to our organisation is one of the key factors that determines ones success at Start People. Everybody has a role to play and it is important that each manager, consultant and office support member of staff understands how to perform at their best to achieve our company goals. As part of our business plan to enhance individual skill sets and develop a more motivated and qualified workforce, we have opted to utilise our investment in the Government Apprentice scheme. The government...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 17 May 2018

Post bank holiday blues?

Maintaining a positive working environment “It went far too fast” seemed to be the words on everyone’s lips on tuesday morning. It’s no surprise that following a sweltering three day weekend in the glorious sunshine, the majority of us came back to work feeling a little subdued instead of slightly refreshed. Here at Start People we get that feeling too - but not long after we step into the office are we reminded of the culture of fun that is embedded into our organisation. Fostering and maint...

Author: Nina Yeulett
Published: 10 May 2018

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