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How the best companies attract top talent

Employee Development and Leadership Engagement This year, the best companies are figuring out creative ways to develop and help their employees with their career paths to engage and retain top performers. They do this through executive coaching, professional development classes, and training for managers to identify how to best facilitate employee growth. At the small and medium companies, there is a strong sense of inclusion and togetherness throughout each organisation, which is a key compo...

Author: David Edwards
Published: 27 Aug 2015

UK Unemployment Rates Remain Stable at 5.6%

The jobless rate in the UK remained unchanged at 5.6 percent in the three months to June 2015 while the number of jobless claims fell by an unexpectedly sharp 4,900. Comparing April to June 2015 with a year earlier, pay for employees in Great Britain increased by 2.4% including bonuses and by 2.8% excluding bonuses. There were 31.03 million people in work, 63,000 fewer than for January to March 2015 but 354,000 more than for a year earlier. There were 22.76 million people working full-time, 3...

Author: David Edwards
Published: 20 Aug 2015

Living Wage

From April 2016 the national minimum wage will rise from £6.50 to £7.20 per hour. It will continue to rise incrementally to reach £9 an hour by 2020 at a rate to be determined by the Low Pay Commission. The Government predicts around 2.7 million low wage workers will benefit. However, the new minimum wage will only be paid to the over 25's. Younger employees will continue to be paid at the current lower minimum wage rate.

Author: David Edwards
Published: 04 Aug 2015

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